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Fostering Cats

Foster a Cat

Fostering is a great way to help a pet in need and be part of our team. We understand that adopting a pet may not be the ideal situation for you. By fostering, DART will take care of the bills, take your animal to the vet when needed if you cannot do it yourself and if you are a traveler we can help take care of the animal while you are away. If you are worried about a pet outliving you then this is another great option for you. 

Fostering allows DART to take in animals that are unwanted and need socialization away from a shelter environment. By fostering you are helping the cat become accustomed to living in a home, you assist with observing behavior and you will work with DART to correct any unwanted behavior. When you foster,  you are also helping to make room in a local animal shelter and they are able to save more animals that way. In return, you get companionship and the satisfaction of helping an animal out without having to be concerned about a long term commitment. 

Image by Mieke Campbell
Image by Kishore Ragav Ganesh Kumar
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