How Can You Make A Difference?

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Monetary Donations

A monetary donation is of course always welcome and you can designate where the money is applied. The best way for us to receive it is via Paypal, and it is only a click away here. We are an all-volunteer organization and nobody gets a paycheck here. The money is tax-deductible as we are a 501c3 organization. 

In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations are a great way to support us! Please find below links to our Amazon and Chewy wish lists. We try to keep our lists updated but if you have an item and not sure if we can use it, by all means ask us!

Chewy Wish List: Duette Animal Rescue Team | Chewy

Smile-Amazon Wish List:

Add us as your Amazon Smile Preferred Charity 

Add us as your charity on your Smile.Amazon account, each time you purchase an item, we will receive a small donation from Amazon charities. 

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Bequests: A long-lasting legacy!

Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will or trust. A bequest can be to a nonprofit organization such as us. There is no limit to what you can gift to us upon your death. A bequest can be money, a house, or any other type of property that can benefit our organization. 

There are many benefits to bequests to our organization. It is beneficial for the taxes on the estate, there is recognition and a lasting legacy left behind to help animals in need. 

Large Project Wish List


There are a few projects that we hope to complete in the future for which need large donors. We have 18 acres of land at our disposal to bring the following large projects to life if we can find funding:

1. Cat rescue building to save more cats in collaboration with animal services in the areas as well as other rescues. We already have the design for this but we need to find funding. We are interested in collaborating with other rescues to make this happen. So if you are interested, message us!

2. Expand lemur enclosures to save more ex-pet lemurs. There are more and more lemurs needing homes and expansion is key to help this cause.

3. Expand Sulcata tortoise enclosure to more than 1 acre to allow for tortoises to roam more freely and possible rescue more of these gentle giants.