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Updated February 1, 2022

Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

2. Approve Application

3. Coordination Phone Call

5. We meet at your house and bring the cat

6. Sign Contract & Pay Adoption Fee 



Mimosa was rescued from a junk yard where she and her offspring were in danger in an industrial area. She is very shy but affectionate when she feels safe, we do not know her age. She does not run but just very shy. We believe she will be just fine after settling into a new quiet and patient home. We hope that special person will give her a chance to live her best life.

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Cosmo and Bailey

BONDED PAIR! Bailey and her brother Cosmo and mom Mimosa were rescued from a junk yard where they were in danger in an industrial area. They are a bit scared but have been separated from mom to get more social. They currently run but are showing signs of improvement and we believe they will be just fine after settling into a new quiet and patient home. Cosmo needs to be adopted as a pair with his sister Bailey to make sure they get them a chance to live their best lives.

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Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear or Bear for short, is a young adult male and very friendly. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is really friendly with any small animals and cats, but we are not sure about how he would be around dogs, Bear is FELV positive but asymptomatic, cats that are FELV positive can live a normal, long healthy life if properly cared for and kept indoors at all times.

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Sam was surrendered to us because he was too rambunctious and kept escaping. He has since been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is in a secure environment where he cannot escape. He is a beautiful cream and white marble orange tabby. He is playful and affectionate and can get over stimulated sometimes but he is settling down and absolute love bug. He is 9 months old. He is bonded with Zorro and they need to go together. Sam does not accept anyone else accept Zorro, that is his BFF!

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Tunji is a 7-month old female that came in convered in mange and scabies, we did not think she was going to make it. She is a bit shy but very very playful when she feels comfortable to come out. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She will need to be in a small room when adopted before she is let out in a home so she can get used to her new surrounding. 

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Taz is a 5-month-old spayed female that was surrendered to us because the owner felt she was not safe in an environment with a prey-oriented dog. She is very people oriented and a beautiful black and white Tuxedo cat. She is very playful and very affectionate, like to be held and cuddled.  

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Zorro is a 16-week-old male that was surrendered to us because the owner felt he was not safe in his environment. He is very people oriented. He is very playful and also affectionate.  He is super active.  Sam is bonded with Zorro and they need to go together for Sam's sake, Zorro's got this down he is unafraid!

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Some of our cats come from difficult situations and we believe that these cats will only thrive if adopted in trios. If you can open your heart and home to these cats together they will be furever grateful.


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Nutmeg and Pumpkin 1.jpg
Peanut 1.jpg

Nutmeg, Pumpkin and Peanut


These three kittens were rescued from a remote field where they were dumped by someone. They were scared but you could tell they had some human interaction in the past.  They are about 6 months old and real sweethearts. They still play a lot, but they are calming down somewhat. We tried adopting them out as a pair, but as they settled down, it's clear that this is a cohesive unit of three kittens that love each other. 



She took over the role of the matriarch in the family. She is commanding, playful and sweet all at the same time and Peanut and Pumpkin are bonded to her. She is a beautiful orange and brown/grey tabby with super soft fur. Her eyes are golden. 



Pumpkin is very sweet and vocal. She gets excited about stuff, but she also likes to reassure the others everything is going to be okay by grooming them often. She is a beautiful orange tabby. 



Peanut is a beautiful orange tabby with white socks. As she is getting older, we are noticing that she is not as coordinated as the others, and she tends to fall over. Her back legs go out from underneath her, and she has an abnormal gait. She is unable to climb up or jump down and needs ways to safely go up and down from cat trees and beds. Nevertheless, she is very play full and super adorable and sweet. Nutmeg and Pumpkin are bonded and take care of her really well. 

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Sphinx, Brownie & Bella


These three cats came from a home where the owner passed away. Unfortunately, the owner did not leave much information about them behind, not even their names and the family, already overwhelmed with handling this difficult situation asked for help to place these very friendly souls. 


They are a bit shy but once they adjusted their personalities really came out:



A large neutered 12-pound male, we were told he is a Bengal mix. He is very affectionate, and loves to play!



Brownie is nervous but affectionate and also playful when she feels totally safe. 



To us she looks like a Norwegian Forest/Maine Coone mix but we do think Sphinx is her brother. She is a 10- pound female.  She is content just hanging out in her cat tree most of the time, but when allowed, she will play a bit also when she feels comfortable. 

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All our adoptable cats are kept in a home environment

We guarantee our animals and if the cat you adopt is not a good fit we will take it back NO questions asked!