In collaboration with the Endangered Primate Foundation, we are happy to welcome Lulu, MoMo and Sourpatch to the DART family of animals. These three ring-tailed lemurs were rescued out of the pet trade and needed a new home to make room for other lemurs that are waiting for a home coming out of the pet-trade. Our mission is to collaborate with other sanctuaries and assist those private pet-owners that are in need of assistance to place animals they can no longer care for and provide them with their best home for life. We will post more information about our new arrivals very soon. 



After we spotted a feral cat on our property a few weeks ago, we decided to put a trap down to see if we can capture the cat and get it spayed/neutered and vaccinated and maybe even give it a good home. We have many large predators in our area and just the other day we saw a giant Red Hawk at our pond for which a small cat is a good meal. The same night we set the trap we found this large male cat in the trap. Not the cat we expected at all as the other one is black. This cat also seemed feral at first and had no microchip and was not neutered. After one day of acclimation, Damien as we now call him turned out to be a lovable cat that is eager to be on your lap and get your attention. Since he was so friendly, we put out bulletins everywhere to see if he belongs to someone but have not received any inquiries so far. So we already gave him the vaccinations he needs and the next step will be a neuter and then we will most likely offer him up for adoption. Although thin now, he is a big cat and already weighed in at 12.5 pounds. So he is a lot of loving cat for someone. Will post updates again soon. 


We are happy to announce that we have received our official approval for our 501c3 status in order to receive tax deductible donations from the general public. We will have additional updates soon on how you can help us with our mission. In addition, we have made some major progress on clearing some areas for our lemur  habitat to be constructed and will have an update on additional progress very soon. In the meantime, we are happy to report that Milo was adopted by the family that found him on the streets and is living happily ever after.



We have named our first rescue cat Milo and want to give a quick update. He is doing much better, all his scabs have slowly but surely come off and he is healing phsyically and mentally at our ranch house. He is using his litter box and purring up a storm. he loves to sit on laps and loves to crawl into bed with our volunteers and spend the night. He gets along well with our resident dog also and is quite the character. As you can see from the photos, he is making great progress.He is not quite ready for adoption yet but if you are interested in adopting him, please contact us through our "Stay in Touch" page for more information.



On April 25th, 2020 we got a call from one of our friends that an extremely sick stray cat was in the neighborhood. They were able to catch it and we immediately "darted" into action. We treated it immediately by giving it a flea bath, removing all fleas and giving treatment for flea prevention, mites and worms. then we made a trip to the veterinarian to confirm that the animal had a severe case of mange/scabies. In addition, this kitty is FIV positive, so a special needs home is required with either other FIV positive cats or a home with no other cats. FIV is only contagious through bites between cats but it does mean he needs special care with a compromised immune system the rest of his life. Incidentally, he was already neutered but no clipped ear and he is super friendly which leads us to believe he belonged to someone but there was no microchip. We are nursing him back to health and will assess his eligibility for adoption soon and give everyone an update. Here are the before pictures, this is an example of why cats should not be left outdoors. He is in the process of losing all the scabs and some of hair right now and gaining weight.



Duette Animal Rescue Team just acquired our 17-acre property. The property will house several animal care facilities very soon, including hurricane proof buildings with running water and electric. Our other goal is to be a green sanctuary (and we don't mean just the grass) by utilizing solar energy throughout our facilities at all times.