Who We Are

DART was founded in 2020 in Manatee County after learning about the plight for exotic pets held in captivity and lack of understanding of the care they need as wild animals. We support causes that advocate for conservation of these species in the wild in their native countries. DART is a volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing former domestic and exotic pets such as  prosimians and cats with behavioral challenges. By working with a network of zoo's, private owners, zoo staffvolunteer advocates, foster caregivers, local veterinarians, trainers and shelters, DART  strives to rescue animals and provide these animals with behavioral rehabilitation and care as follows:



We provide permanent homes to prosimian species and other small exotic ex-pets. Exotic pets will receive behavioral training and other rehabilitative care to reduce stress, anxiety and to combat a variety of compulsive behaviors caused by insufficient care and understanding of behavioral, nutritional and physical care for these types of animals. We provide over-sized natural enclosures for the animals in our care. We advocate for collaboration between zoo's, private owners and animal sanctuaries in order to address needs for individual animals and to enhance their quality of life in any situation. We want to be the organization that builds bridges between all types of people and organizations for the sake of the welfare of the animals. We do not get into politics of any topic related to exotic animal ownership and want to be there for the animals that need us and quite frankly don't have time for that type of stuff. We do however completely support efforts to conserve animals in their native countries. 

Cat Close Up

Other Exotic Pets


On a case by case basis we will provide permanent homes to other small exotic pets if we are able to determine that we can give them a good home with superior care. Depending on the situation we may also help the community with placing exotic pets up for adoption if the pet is better off in a private home.   

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We provide permanent or temporary homes for cats. If we are able to rehabilitate and train the cats we place them into  their permanent and loving  homes. We understand the need for partnership  with local shelters and other animal rescue organizations in order to address the plight for homeless, stray and feral cats.  We provide homes for feral cats and make every attempt to rehabilitate cats and place them in a loving home. Cats that are not able to be rehabilitated and domesticated will have a permanent home at DART with limited space availability. Priority is given to cats that have been in an animal shelter environment for more than 1 year due to behavioral issues or special needs.